Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes Words Don't Cut It...

I wish I had answers for those who find themselves in "crisis of life and crisis of faith" situations...

I don't know why sometimes it feels as though God doesn't answer prayer, I don't know why sometimes he feels absent, I don't know why ...  I just don't know.

I  feel so   h.e.l.p.l.e.s.s    to help.

All I feel I can say is that there are some things I am certain of:
I know that God made me, God loves me and God will keep me. (A timeous word I read this morning).

I also know...
  •  that even when he feels miles away - he isn't really.
  •  that when things feel unfair and I may not understand - that he is just.
  •  that when I am filled with grief - that he grieves with me and comforts me.
  •  that when I hurt - that his heart is moved with compassion toward me.
  •  that when I toss at night - that he wants to give me peace.
This is all I know:
God made you, God loves you and God will keep you too.

May his peace be with you, my friend.


  1. That's the absolute truth! God never wastes pain. We don't understand now, but one day we will. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I need to be reminded of that. Right now life seems just too hard.

  3. Helga - That's true I know. I'm hanging in for my friend...!

    Mich - Thinking of you. You know where I am. x

    Rob - as you see your post made plenty of sense at just the right time. :-)

  4. I have found that when unanswerable questions are asked...and there is many our best response is to simply say we do not know, but there are things we do know.

    We do know that God is love.
    We know that our sins are forgiven.
    We know that Jesus will never leave us.
    We know that we're headed for heaven.
    We know His Word is true.

    I love this post...you also fall back on what you DO know.



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