Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Ramblings

Sad news first... The Cricket World Cup is over... *sniff*  - What am I going to do with my afternoons now? Well Done India! You have an awesome coach - we should know. Next one is OURS!

Sunday was lovely. Started a new series at CG called "God Actually" exploring who God is. Left me (again) with a fresh appreciation for the majesty, grace and mercy of God - lots to think about and be thankful for this week!

Then, Oh My Shattered nerves. The sun has moved and now I can sit in a sunbeam in the lounge.

My winter sunbeam is sneaking in.
 This may sound like good news. Trust me, it's not good news for me! It means winter is on the way. *sniff*  Noooooo!!!! Not yet! I'm not ready yet.

It's pitch dark at 05h45 in the morning now. I can't even see My Man to wave him goodbye as he leaves for work... it's just plain sad.

The up side (it takes some looking for, but it IS there) is that I get to curl up in that sunbeam and read in the afternoon. I have just the book - I'm waiting for Rob Bell's latest "Love Wins" to hit the shelves.  I loved his Velvet Elvis, and this, his latest offering has caused quite a stir. So I am looking forward to reading it for myself.

Secondly, today is "One Day Without Shoes" which I decided to take part in. It is intended to make one more sympathetic to those who don't have shoes.  I have written more about 'walking a mile in another man's shoes'  here, please feel free to read it and tell me what you think.

Just checking the feet out...

Puppy too...

Do you remember the puppy? She is so big now!  My Girl is moving out in a few weeks and, no big surprise, we are keeping Puppy because she isn't allowed at the flat she is renting. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, we really love her now and I am quite thrilled that she is staying. The agreement is that My Girl will come and walk her atleast twice a week and take her to the beach to play.

I {heart} my boy!
Then today, I fetched My Girl during her lunch hour and we went to the hell-hole better known as the mall. Did all my shopping - got to the till and *FAINT* I had left my wallet at home. So, we made a game of it and put all the items back amidst much laughter. 

Not so funny is that I have to go out and do the shopping AGAIN! I wonder if we can't just have toast?

That's all folks. I told you it was all random!


  1. you have two lovely dogs and two lovely feet :)

  2. Oh my goodness the pain of hitting the mall AGAIN:-)

    Your "puppy" is very beautiful.

  3. You, my darling child, are an original!


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