Monday, April 11, 2011

Printing, Pics & Painting...

I have got to adjust my Bucket List.

Before I die I want to organise my photo's.

No. This is not a joke. My Girl is 21. I have been married 23 years. I have 23+ years of photographs that I have had big plans for, for 23+ years.

In the days of Noah, when we took our "spools in to be developed" - those photo's are printed. Do not be misled into thinking that just because they are printed, that it means that they are in any way organised. Unless you consider them all cast into the same box / P'n P bag 'organised'.

Yes, I wasn't exaggerating when I said boxes and bags!
Now, in my day as a mom with a young child, I may have scrapped. I am put to shame by my sister who is a fabulous scrapper with three children. She has blogged (another recent invention, like scrapping, that wasn't around on the Ark) and scrapped her family life beautifully. One day when I die, people are going to haul these boxes out of the top of my spare room cupboard - thats if the boxes do not fall on their heads when they open the doors. They will exclaim "Geez, she barely put them in albums! What kind of a mom was she?"

Fast Forward to digital photo's. Oh, those are filed beautifully - cos I am a PC kinda girl. I like things organised in my workspace.  However, my challenge here is the printing. We have been overseas a few times and we have family get-togethers pretty often (I think) and I have stunning photos that are fabulously filed .... where we will never see them.

I did print a few after our first trip in 2005. Hands up those of you who know how your children change in 6 years? Ja..... so. I need not elaborate here.

Here are my photo frames that have been on my dining room table for about 2 weeks now. I had BIG plans to paint them this last week. 3 guesses to the answer to this question: "Did I paint them?" If you answered 'Yes' to that question - sis on you, you didn't read my last blog! *kidding*

Seriously, this is pretty much it!  I do need to get my act together!
I got so far as to choose some pics to be printed to replace old pics with ... and they are still sitting on my stick, waiting in hope, to get to the mall to be printed.

"Why?" I ask myself, is this soooo difficult to do.
Truth is, I don't know.... I guess it's a part of my 'disorganised self' that I've come to accept ... like I said I would here!

But, still, it's going on that Bucket List!


  1. welcome to the world wide womanhood of boxed photographs!! My mom has hers in a suitcase and we love to haul it down to look through. Why not adjust your expectations and plan to put them all in a box, a pretty box, out of packets, and into a box!! ;)

  2. I would love to see all the pics - you know I am in the same position as you - only for about 20 years longer - I think the box idea - like index cards - would be great for printed pics - maybe you could invent something and copyright it!

  3. So funny!
    I have also been "at" my photos lately, painting the raw wooden ones white; even buying (very expensive) new frames to put them into.

    But like you, I still have the frames in one pile and the pics in another!
    Maybe its genetic?

    But I WILL DO EET!
    And so, I'm sure, will you.


  4. Hey Lisa I am also married 21 years but started scrapping 6 years ago. You can do it I have started with me did my albulm first then moved on to our wedding and then one of each kid and a couple of family ones. Just start by sorting and then it makes it much easier. I am holding a scrapbook workshop on the last Sat in April if you want to join.Me and two ladies from my sons school who feel the same as you we will meet from 10 - about 3. Give me a call if you are keen it may just help you get motivated!!!! It is soooooooooooooo worth it.

  5. My name is Shanine and I have photographs pleading for oxygen. Lisa, you are not alone, great minds habitually act alike, and all such panacea to placate this guilty epidemic.

    Is the problem too many photos? (nurture)
    Is the editorial/organisational/whatever gene malfunctioning? (nature)

    Maybe the communal support group/ye olde quilting mothers turned young scrapbookers have a good point ie the scrapbook workshop.

    Not being a scrapbooker myself I fear I may need a sadistic robot that threatens to nuke my kneecaps if I do not get to the task. The ultimate cure for my procrastination may lie somewhere in this.

    Of course we may then need a support group for depressed robots who really want to be kind but have been programmed otherwise. (sounds a bit like genetic code to me?)

    Ok, I am a few quantum leaps from the subject but those who know me ... understand!

    The Sha-ness

  6. LOL! I do the scrapping thing too! But I still have stack to never get done.

  7. *laughing* Rather relieved to find I am not alone!

    Mich - I may be able to stretch myself to a 'nice' box! But nothing pink or flowery, ok? Thats asking too much.

    Anne - hmmm. I have seen people who catalogue their pics in long boxes. Its a great idea once you know what system you want to use. Since I may be looking for a 'nice' box, I will give that some thought. Thanks! :)

    Allie - :-D. Love going thru the pics... maybe it is genetic? And SOMETIME I will get to it too!

    Debs - There is no way on Gods green earth that I am going to start scrapping now. However, I am totally up for coffee and to browse through yours! Are you going to scrap your upcoming trip?

    Sha-ness - Oooohhh. I want to do the re-programming the robot thing??? Pleez, ah pleez can we? That sounds fun! :-)

    Lynette - I have seen some of your scrapping - and its STUNNING! Love looking through scrappers stuff. :)


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