Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy 30th to Us! *Warning: Sentimentality Ahead*

"Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. 
It isn't something you get. It's something you do
It's the way you love your partner every day." 
(Barbara De Angelis)

Here are just a handful of ways I love doing marriage with you:
  1. I love how you always put family first.
  2. I love it that our greatest investments are in memory-making times for our family, whether it was playing board games, or swimming, or date-days or camping/ caravanning or overseas trips. 
  3. I love that you are such a great dad, always involved and interested in Our Girls world.
  4. I love that you will eat anything I cook and thank me for it and say it was good. (even when I know it wasn't really) - and that you are happy to sometimes have the same meal two days in a row! (Because stew and curries are generally better on the second day anyway!)
  5. I love that we always choose to be with one another and put one another first
  6. I love that we complement one another: You are the practical /logical and I am the impetuous /passionate - and yet we have managed to rub off a little on one another!
  7. I love it that we know how to have fun together.
  8. I love that we don't subscribe to "performance roles" - I am happy to mow and change a plug and you are happy to do the dishes or sweep the floor.
  9. I love that we are not afraid to admit when we are wrong and apologise, and we are quick to forgive
  10. I love that we get excited about new adventures and don't mind taking a (calculated) risk!
  11.  I love that we make room for each others to do the things we each love: golf, frosty beach walks, running and teaching - I love that you will come to the theatre with me even though you are "not a fan" of a lot of it!
  12. I love your compassion and generosity- always helping anyone in need.
  13. I love it that you bring me coffee every morning and I make you tea after work every afternoon.
  14. I love having a glass of wine and sharing stories of our days when we cook together.
  15. I love that we can sit together and watch sport all day and not feel bad about it!  ;)
  16. I love that you don't care if I don't wear make up - in fact, for you ... less is best. Which suits me fine.
  17.  I love it that we are best friends and that we have one another's backs.
  18. Last but not least... I love that we share the same faith in a loving, kind and just God and am thankful he always had us in his heart. 
I am sure there are lots more but it's early and I need my second cup of coffee before I can (a) think straight and (b) focus my eyes  (I apologise if there are typos - I will check it again later... after coffee!)

Happy 30th Anniversary Baby... 
I cannot wait for the next 30+ years of doing life together with you. 
Love you buckets full.

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