Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mini "Quota" Rant Ahead.

So a 57-0 loss to the Kiwis today. Of course the whole "quota" word gets thrown around on Social Media together with a few names. For the record, I don't think the "quota" players had any more to do with the loss than the ridiculous game played by the entire team. The game plan needs to change - not necessarily the players.

Since I prefer cricket, I am going to swing my conversation to them - Players like Tsotsobe, Big Vern, Duminy, Bavuma, Rabada, Amla, Tahir (to name a few) are exceptional - they should not be "quota" players - they should be players. I want to argue FOR them and all our "quota" players everywhere.

It reminds me of Affirmative Action - if you are a person of colour, a woman, or disabled - you get chosen to fill a post before any white able-bodied person.... I don't know about you, but I would NOT like to be the token person in any company - I want to be there because I am damn good at what I do and I have earned it.

I am sure it is the same with sport  -  who wants to be the "token" "quota" player? Surely they cannot like it either.

So I want the quota system gone. Not because I think more white players need to be in BUT because I want the players of colour to know that they are good, valued and deserving of their position in the squad.

*Minor rant over.

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