Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To my #ProteaFire

My #ProteaFire guys,

First off, I am not one of those overly emotional, mushy women, I am far more practical and matter-of-fact and I know that there is about a 100% chance that none of you will read this - but I need to say it so I will make it short and sweet.

I have loved and followed the Proteas single-mindedly since we re-entered the world sport scene and to me, this squad, is the best squad we have ever had. I don't only mean on the field either. You guys have something special, individually and as a collective team, and even a blind person can see that.

Your banner says that SA inspire you - but you guys inspire us.  You model lessons for us that are so valuable like:
  • Dedication
  • Passion
  • Humility
  • Never give up
  • Do your best
  • Always be gracious
  • Don't make excuses
You guys left SA as our heroes - and you are still my heroes.  Nothing has changed.

While you guys felt heartbroken for letting us down, we were more heartbroken about seeing you heartbroken. For me, losing wasn't what made me cry, it was seeing your heartache and watching you being asked unfair questions. We know what this meant to you, or we feel we do because we feel so "in it" with you. 

The team will probably face the usual tough critics, but know that the country is behind you, and the ones with the loudest criticisms are probably critical about everything in life, so try to guard your hearts and not take it personally.

You guys made us proud, you left it all out there, and as so many cricket-fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD have said on Twitter - you won their hearts. You guys are our trophy. I suppose that's not really a consolation for you right now even though it's true.

Anyway, like I said, you guys are our rockstars. Chin up, vasbyt and I will see you as soon as I can for another great game of cricket! 

With love and respect from one of your biggest fans
(among the millions!)



  1. I hope they DO read it Lis - well put!

  2. Where is the "like" button. I totally agree with you.


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