Wednesday, March 18, 2015

French Class - Take 2

We advanced to our next level -we feel by a miracle, but we are happy to be making some headway!
We still go three evenings a week for 90min sessions, still hectic for My Man but he is enjoying it as much as I am.

The difference between our teacher from last term and this one is absolute. One is not better than the other.  I really like them both but they are so, so different.

We knew that this term was not going to be boring from the moment we walked into her class. In amongst all the usual first class carnage, she popped around to each of us and proceeded to take a quick pic - the type that never are flattering, but it didn't really matter because the next day we had to make a collage /caricature of ourselves out of it, and then, working with a partner, interview each other about various personal details, write it all down and at the end of the lesson, present your partner to the class. It was a great ice-breaker activity since the class is pretty much all new people.

The other thing that really keeps us on our toes (and makes me feel like a teacher again!) is that she is forever getting people to go up to the board and complete sentences, fill in the verbs, etc - so you can't afford to lose concentration even for a moment. I am pretty sure I look blank as a new canvas most of the time!

She is an artist, very friendly, warm and entertaining, I don't think one could lose focus even if one tried. She talks so fast, that at times I feel as though I need to breathe for her - and she gestures wildly a lot... it's wonderful and kind of reminds me of home.

Yes, French this term is going to be good - even if I only understand every 5th word, I think we will be learning a lot!

Now I have a French thing to write for tonight.... I better get cracking!

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