Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2 Questions & 1 Statement

I went for a lovely long walk with Jack last week and my thoughts turned to how fast this year has gone and I suppose that triggered me thinking... what have I actually DONE this year?

Old habits die hard.  Especially the habit of working.

I found myself thinking that perhaps I needed to pick up the studies again, get back into that -
Do something. Be productive. Stop wasting time!

Immediately, and I know it was God, we've done enough mileage together for me to know his voice, said "No."  Then he quickly followed that up with two questions and a statement:

1. How do you measure your productivity?
2. How do you measure time?

then the punchline - Time with Me is never unproductive.

I was reminded of this post I wrote almost a year ago, and clearly I needed a reminder....!  My heart feels as though it's being prepared for a new season - the word I feel is.... "newness,"  whatever that may look like!  :)

Perhaps it means continuing this new adventure and savouring it all (which I do!) ... who knows?!  He does!

I have a commodity here that I had very little of before.

Time.  What a gift!

* * * *

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  1. A wonderful gift "TIME". I am sure you are going to continue on your journey and discover amazing treasures with Him.


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