Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Men and The Burgers

Neither My Man nor I are fans of MacDonalds, however on seeing an ad for their new McBaguette My Man decided that it looked just way too good not to try.

So, to surprise him on Friday evening, I went into the city early to buy him one for supper. As I was walking in I noticed a young guy, probably in his early 20's sitting with his back against the wall, his dog with him, and a cup in front of him. My heart went out to him as it was getting a little cool.

I went in and ordered the McBaguette and then ordered a Big Mac for the youngster outside.  Leaving, I went out and there he was, with the lead in his hand, chatting to a guy who was now standing with him, I don't know how to say "Here you are, enjoy" so I just thrust my hand out and smiled. He looked at me and at the burger, smiled and said "Merci!"

I walked away and suddenly it dawned on me that MAYBE he wasn't even a street beggar?!  I didn't look in the cup to see if it was money or coffee and EVERYONE (and their dog)... has a dog with them in the city and when I was leaving he was just standing chatting to this other guy, he could just have been sitting there and waiting for him!

I suddenly felt so embarrassed, but what could I do, I couldn't run back and ask, or explain - I just had to believe, hungry or not, that he really needed that burger!

..... and that  it was better than the McBaguette which turned out to be totally forgettable.

* * * 


  1. I don't think these spontaneous moments of kindness are ever random or wasted.
    We'll never know what the spin off from your gesture is, but spin off there will be . . .
    (Pay it forward . . .

    1. :) I guess having seen it so much at home in SA I just made an assumption! However, it gave me a bit of a laugh at myself after the embarrassment wore off!

  2. I would just see it as a place you left your fingerprints and leave it at that. He did thank you :-)

    1. Lynette - definitely not losing sleep. :)
      I found it more entertaining afterwards that it was a natural conclusion that I came to seeing him there.
      And yes, he thanked me! :)

  3. Just an act of kindness - he could always pass it on


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