Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blah Blah Snow

By now family and friends are probably already scrolling past all my excited rambling about snow.  I wouldn't blame them, but it's so hard not to take photo's and clips. Even the bus this morning was alive with chatter! Yes, even us! :)

I am certain that people who live in parts of the world where snow is common, will roll their eyes and think thoughts like "The novelty will wear off, just wait until....blah, blah" - but I put my hands over my ears and I do not hear your voice.   I will fight losing the excitement when the inevitable slushy aftermath appears. 

Standing in the middle of the city this morning waiting for the bus, surrounded by old buildings with snowy roofs, trees shimmering and snowflakes settling on my hat, I felt as though I was in a snow globe.  It's completely magical.

Driving home through the forest I felt my eyes involuntarily tear up just because it was so purely beautiful.

Even now, looking out of my lounge window, the hounds are lying on the balcony, covered in the still falling snow flakes.

The gray & white world outside is not a true reflection of the mood today. 
It's a rainbow mood day!

* * * * * * 


  1. Oh it is simply sublimely beautiful

    1. Isn't it just!!?

      Unfortunately by the next day it was pretty much all gone - but it felt like a special treat just for us! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Breathtaking! Looking forward to more of it - supposedly only in a few weeks time, but I can be patient.... have no real alternative, do I? :D

  3. I don't think you ever forget the magic of this. My first experience of quiet hushed gentle falling snow was in Kitzbuhel when I was 17. It's a wonderful strong memory even now. I hope you have a white Christmas: wouldn't that be something for you all !?


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