Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time to "Just Do It" (Anything!)

Today is My Man's third day at work.

So far all reports from him have come back and been so positive. He has enjoyed meeting his new colleagues and has been impressed by where he is working.

We travel in by bus together in the morning, in total it takes about 35 minutes (change to connecting bus in the city) to get to his office.  Then I come back home, try to keep myself occupied until the afternoon, when I take the bus back into the city and we meet at "our connecting" stop and travel home together.

We've actually really enjoyed this. It gives us time together in the morning and in the afternoon we chatter away together about his day and his new experiences without having to concentrate on traffic and driving. I think we may be the only people who talk in the bus! (OH! Such a cool thing I saw with the bus yesterday - there was a guy in a wheelchair, and the bus door opens about a foot off the ground, I was thinking that I would ask if I could help wheel him in, when "My Man" pointed out that the whole bus drops down to the height of the pavement and he just rolled himself in. Maybe that happens everywhere, but I just thought it was super cool and thoughtful!)

Anyway, getting back to morning routine....It's really new for me, because in all of our 25 years of marriage, the most he has seen of me before work is me standing at the window and waving goodbye! I'm not joking. His mom used to get up and make breakfast for them until they left home, and bring them tea in bed. From the outset I said to him "Do not expect that from me" - and he didn't! He is an early bird, he has no problem waking up and getting up in the same instant - I need about an hour to twig that it's morning and about 3 cups of coffee before I can string my first cohesive sentence together - so I think he realised it would be pointless.

However, all of that being said - the days are long with him at work... and quiet. Yesterday I did a whole pile of washing and hung them over my balcony. It was a lovely sunny day so I sat out there and admired my view, (which would have been more spectacular had I not had underwear pegged up in front of me).

Last night I begged him not to do the dishes, he asked why, and I told him I needed something to do today. He just laughed - but he left them.

This morning when I got home from going with him to work, he had made the bed (I usually do do that!), and I sms'd him and (playfully!) gave him "what for" because now I had one less thing to do!

He thinks its all quite comical - but the truth is, I am serious. Who would have thought I would want to come home to do the dishes! 


I have downloaded "Beautiful Outlaw" so have planned to go in to work with "My Man", take my Kindle, and every other morning find myself a little coffee shop with wifi, read my book, have a cup of coffee, come home much later, and deal with the day from then.  

I may even venture to a new town for a walk with one hound at a time... Except, I would rather be on an adventure of discovery with "My Man" than alone - so scrap that idea.

Anyway - typing this Blog took all of 10 minutes! :)


  1. Gosh Lis, I love your blog!
    It has a whole new "@@@@" (dunno what to call it!)since you are in a new place with so many new impressions and experiences coming your way.
    I hope you can update A LOT until you get busy.

    Keep at it - just DO it!!
    He he he

    1. I don't know about updating a lot, but certainly there are lots of impressions and experiences to be had.


  2. Sounds wonderful! Isolation is a good thing, but be warned you may just start to hear whispers in your head........a lot more than you used to, that is ;-) and then the best thing is you really know you're never alone!!!!

    1. When I start answering myself I will go out for a walk!

  3. Your daily adventures are so insightful. I love your honesty.

    1. Thanks Andycapp! Glad you are enjoying them with us. :)

    2. PS... why aren't you blogging anymore?

  4. I love it that you are blogging this new life adventure. It is just so different to the South African way...can you imagine going to work by bus here? It all just sounds so magical.

    1. Thanks Lynette!

      I can't even really conceive going to work by bus at home, not because there is anything wrong with them physically, but purely because you just never know when they will be running. You can almost set your watch by the public transport here.

      Of course SA still feels like it has more character, even if not that efficient yet - and to me, character counts for a lot! :)

    2. I agree. I love this crazy, colourful country of ours...whether it works or not.


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