Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Settling In

We have been here 8 days. It feels longer because of everything we have achieved in that time. We have not had time to act like a tourist other than a very brief 3-hours on Day 2.

So far we have:

  • Registered in our village as residents
  • Received our temporary papers (which means I can work now too)
  • Moved into our home
  • Put up a fence
  • Found the correct bus routes from home to the city
  • Opened a bank account
  • Applied for internet at home
  • Got a Cell phone no.
  • Have a Mobile Wifi for home (until internet is installed)
  • Welcomed our dogs (last night)

The language thing is still fun. Some days I understand a bit of what is being said, and others ... not so much and we have great fun playing charades!

Shopping is another adventure.  For all I know I am washing my hair with dog shampoo...  (Don't say what you are thinking!!!)    There are vegetables I have never seen before.

We were laughing about this last night, saying it was like being newly married. We have to build up our food cupboard - things like spices, tomato sauce, mayo etc, you kind of take for granted that you will always have them... try suddenly cooking something that you have bought all the ingredients for, to suddenly realise that you don't have SALT!  Yip, we lived with no salt for about 5 days.

Until we get the car, we have to take a bus to the nearest shop.... you can't just walk there. Even though its not far, about 1km, its through a part of a narrow winding forest road with no pavements - so its impossible to walk there.  The result is that if you forget to buy something, you go without until your next trip, you can't just pop back to the shop.

We have also met stinging nettles. Well, My Girl met them first, and a day or two later, while busy with the fence, My Man had an epic encounter. Apparently not much fun at all - so I have decided to avoid them at all costs. 

Our furniture has not even started the journey here yet - disappointing, but there is nothing we can do about that. We have bought 2 beds, a couch and a cupboard and that is pretty much what we have in this rambling house at the moment.  It echoes like crazy and all of our voices seem to be magnified hugely!  

The agent that I was corresponding with, and his wife and son, have been amazing and helped us with so many things and I think, (I hope) are becoming friends. They popped over on our 2nd night in the house, bringing with them meat, a braai, champagne, cutlery, plates, and great senses of humour, and we sat on the balcony, braaiing and chatting till almost midnight.  He is a local and she is from Cpt - it was such a lovely evening and good to be able to have company so soon in the move.

The next step is to paint. The house is not in great nick inside with lots of holes in the walls and grubby patches everywhere.  So I figure that the best thing to do while waiting for furniture is to paint the most used areas and get it ready for when our stuff does come.  So that is on my agenda for when My Girl goes home.

There is SO much going on, I wish I had blogged more beforehand, because I feel as though I am leaving tons of stuff out.... but so far, it's been pretty amazing and I am so thankful for the opportunity for us to live this adventure!


  1. What I think is that it is just too amazing for words!
    Who gets to start a whole new chapter in a place that looks like something out of a fairy tale?
    If your first days are a taste of what is to come, you are going to have the best time there.
    Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple

    1. Thanks! Yes - it really feels like a fairy tale too! :)

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Really enjoyed are an inspiration: you have courage, optimism bubbling over and inspire others, and you are a do-er!
    Strength to you! Lydia Dewey.

    1. Hi Lydia!
      So nice to have you comment! Thanks for those kind words - and am so glad you enjoyed the read. Maybe one day you can pop over and come and visit! :)

  3. It sounds like an amazing adventure. Enjoy the last days with your girl.

    1. Hi Lynette,
      Thanks, yes, it's going to be tough to see her off, trying to make the days count!

  4. it sounds awesome and exciting and nerve wracking and adventurous and may I say, just a little scary, but again oh so awesome! Can't wait to hear more as you settle in:-)

  5. It is... (d) all of the above!

    But its a day at a time at the moment and all so new and exciting right now - that more of scary will probably arrived later when "normal" kicks in and I can't pop over to family for coffee and chats!

    1. Well, judging by your latest post, I think you will have a pose of neighbours for coffee and chats soon enough;-) Not that thats the same as family but skype is an awesome way to keep in touch.


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