Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Darby's Castle

I had a lovely drive home from the airport on Sunday, having found an old CD I forgot I had.
I have always enjoyed Kris Kristofferson's songs.

As I was singing my heart out with Mr K,  I was struck with the spiritual parallel I found in this song.

Have a listen.
(Let it load fully first so you can appreciate and hear the words)

It's the story of a man who is very much in love with his wife,
and he decides to build her the most beautiful house of wood and stone.
He didn't want her to lack anything.

Soon, however, building the house became his obsession
and his relationship with his wife deteriorated.

It's a hauntingly beautiful song.

I wondered how often, out of our deep love for God
we find ourselves doing so much for him
 that we forget that intimacy comes by spending time with Him.

Let's never become so obsessed with doing for,
that we lose out on being with.


  1. What do I think?
    I think you are right - I think its a wonderful analgy.
    And I think we all too easily do that.

    I also think it happen all too often that husbands do exactly this: neglect their wives trying to make a lot of money "for them" when all they really want, is their husbands to be with them.
    Thought provoking post.\

    1. Your're right, it's just as sad since you can't get those years back. Thanks for commenting! :)


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