Friday, October 21, 2011

Life & Bryce

I have been quiet.

I know.

My last post was full of optimism for the Rugby World Cup ... and we all know that it ended badly for us, thanks to the Ref - dear Mr Bryce Lawrence who clearly has a rule book from a parallel universe. 

It was a horrible way for Smit, Matfield and de Villiers to end their journeys with the Bok squad. I was so proud of John and the guys though, not an ungracious word did John breathe at the after match interview about the reffing. Real heroes in my eyes and real winners.

If one doesn't enjoy sport, it's difficult to understand the complete disappointment a person feels when there is such injustice. I wondered for a time if I would even watch the rest of the Series, but, I am, because I believe in the spirit of the game, even though I definately don't believe that those in the Final are necessarily those deserving of the Final.  (I do think NZ is deserving, let me add!)

I hope that NZ wins now. It will be really cool for the host nation to win. I remember how we felt hosting the Soccer World Cup last year, and even though we didn't feature - the atmosphere everywhere was electric. I am guessing its like that in Kiwi-land now. It will be such an upset if France win... but then every now and again an upset is a pretty fun thing!

At the same time as the RWC, I was also watching the Champions League T20 in India.  My team, Royal Challengers Bangelore, was in the final last year having led ALL the way, thanks to the genius of Chris Gayle but lost in the final to Chennai Super Kings. This year, they did well enough to get to the final and then LOST again to Mumbai Indians. 

It was disappointing, but I loved seeing how happy Saschin was to see his side win! His smile just made me smile too!

On top of the dreaful news that we were out of the RWC and that my CLT20 team was out, Bafana Bafana failed to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations. Oh! Then it was said there was a mistake, and they had qualified...and we were happy! Then we were told it was another mistake and they hadn't. What a rollercoaster of emotions! Um. Can you make up your mind people. Please?

Two weeks ago, we welcomed the Mathilda's here for the Cricket Series. I went to the first T20 and it was so close... SO SO SO close. Even though we lost narrowly, going to the game and being in the stands was just awesome!  I seriously considered just bailing from ever watching sport again after that loss on the back of all the others. But I can't.

The 2nd T20 I almost lost my faith in our boys when they needed about 60 off 24 balls - imagine my excitement (you'll have to since I have no pics!) when they pulled it off!  OH MY WORD. I love cricket. I love cricket. I love cricket. (Did I mention how much I love cricket?)

The 1st ODI was rained out and reduced to 29 overs. We had an epic fail and I went to sleep before it was even over. *faint* This is not something I do!!

Sunday. BIG day. RWC Final and the 2nd ODI.  I do believe I may come unhinged if we lose the cricket this week!! 

Now you see why I haven't blogged. You aren't interested in this, are you? ;-)

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  1. Allie says:

    Oh yes, I am (interested in this)
    Its been a roller coaster for sure - even for me who did not do the Champions League.
    But hey! it sure adds spice to life.


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