Friday, September 9, 2011

Reigning Champs!

I had to laugh at a blog that I follow Tall Skinny Kiwi

I may finally have met my match in patriotic zeal!  Let me say that I love your Haka! If I miss it, I feel as though I have missed out on the entire game!

Let me remind you too... that we ARE STILL THE REIGNING CHAMPS!

And when we win (again).... we will still love you too!  :-)

Looking forward to the opening ceremony and a feast of rugby! 

May the best team win... Us.... (Of course!)
Go Bokke!!

Ole ole oleeee!!!


  1. Allie says:
    I'm waiting with bated breath fore the Opening Ceremony to start.
    I LOVE this - go the Bokke!
    Hopefully we can watch some games together :-)

  2. now following you.♥
    hope you follow me too♥
    from philippines with ♥
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