Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Staring into Space

I haven't blogged for ages - not because I have nothing to say this time, but because the stuff I want to say I need an anonymous blog for - stuff I need to shout into the universe in general. Don't you ever need to do that?

Since I really don't want another blog -I will have to be satisfied with shouting it to the God of the Universe instead.

Let's see... what has actually been happening lately?  Hmmm. Bullets will do.
  • It's been raining and I have had wet hairy dogs in the house!
  • Have been to a birthday breakfast where I had the most delicious croissant, bacon and brie and enjoyed the great company,
  • It was my folks 35th anniversary and his birthday dinner
  • I locked my keys into the house when I was on the way to fetch My Girl from work and she had to get a lift to let me in! (so silly, eish!)
  • Had to service the car, renew car licences, take Jack to the vet for his ear (which is fine), fixing My Girls car, booked for the next ICT Integration conference at the end of the month - been a rather hectic month financially
  • Loving work - so many excited staff members with the new e-beams being installed at the end of the month. Awesome for me to be a part of this.
  • Our 'homegroup' leaders have stepped out of leadership - expecting a baby and pressing work commitments made it a wise decision. Now we are homeless.
  • OH OH OH. We won the rugby. Well - it's not really that we played THAT well, we won on penalties and at least it wasn't a Tri-Nations whitewash. I keep telling myself that we are lulling the opposition into a false sense of security before the RWC. Here's hoping! :)
  • Been watching a fair amount of cricket - the England/India tests have been pretty good to have on in the background. As well as the Aussie/Sri Lanka ODI's.
Been a busy and rather tough week one way and another. So I will sit, stare into space and shout occasionally ... and I have no doubt that I will be back with something far more interesting.


  1. Funny, when Ken and I had our morning coffee, I bemoaned the fact the "all my friends" have blogs and "always something interesting to say" - I even mentioned you by name! How can you say you'll "be back with something far more interesting?" x BT

  2. allie says::
    I'm just glad you're back!


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