Sunday, August 14, 2011

Balancing Act

It's time to give myself a good talking to.

You know those times that you KNOW that you have to make some changes but it's just such a mission?

I am in one of those times. I need to find some balance between work and play.

Now don't think that my work is that demanding, or that they demand that from me, not at all. It's completely self-inflicted.

Those of you who know me (or read me) will know I recently attended a conference that completely changed the way that I see education. This is a great thing and I wouldn't change it - BUT, it also made me aware of tools and resources I had never heard of, and that I KNOW my children will LOVE and benefit from. I do, however need to be familiar with these tools before I can teach them.

Can you see the problem? Twitter and FaceBook don't help - I don't follow celebs on Twitter, I follow people in the "ICT in education business", every 5 minutes they introduce a new tool, or another awesome site that needs my attention. I never seem to have enough time to master everything that I want to!

The result of this is that... well, the cartoon is pretty close to the truth except for one, not so small thing. Even on the couch, I often have my laptop and find myself working. Hours feel like minutes and the next thing "My Man" is home and the day is gone.... and if I am not careful... it often slips into the evening too. Not good.

So, as difficult as this is at this point (because I am not unhappy doing all this research - but I do feel its unhealthy), I am going to just choose 4 new tools/resources to master for now - and I have to find a balance, I have to get to gym, get some fresh air, walk the dogs, something.

I just need to get some exercise.
I may need (make that definately will need) some sovereign intervention at this point!

FuNnY thing... before I had started writing this, I had decided on "only 3 things" to master! Eish.... I wonder if there is ANY hope for me....


  1. That's exactly where I am right now. Finding the balance. Since being back in the USA, I have been tons better. I take 99.9% of Friday's off - unheard of in my world. I stop earlier and I try and spend more time on the computer. Often it sneeks into more time on the iPad but, this world is fast paced and crazy at times and the smaller things in life are often missed. I'm finding those little things again and loving it. I think I do more too. You have to be hard with it and I know you can do it ;) Great post - could relate in many ways.

  2. Can relate to this post....eish, social media is a wonderful thing but the opportunities for growth and learning and distraction is immense. i wish you well on your quest. :-)

  3. OOPS meant to say I spend more time OFF the computer - crickey!

  4. yea....sitting on the couch working on McGregor Tourism advert....still...better than working in a bank, 9 hours in the city everyday which I did for 23 years!!!!!


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