Monday, January 2, 2017

It was about NY... then it wasn't.

Happy New Year!

FB timeline memories are really great for reminding us of moments in the past. I do quite love this feature. I compare New Years Day here to back in SA. It's summer back home and really nothing like summer here.
My Beach in SA on 1.1.2017
(Photographer unknown - taken from FB)
Along a road here on NYD
It's fascinating that the world is so vast and contains so many incredible landscapes and moments that can just fill you with such a sense of wonder.

It's so multidimensional. A bit like God, I suppose. We tend to view him through the eyes of our experience of church or religion - and what that has taught us about him - and yet may never have experienced him for ourselves.

Some may have experienced him as cold, monotone and distant and wanted to keep their distance from him, and others experience him as warm, vibrant and peaceful. 

The truth is that even if you are keeping your distance from him, he doesn't keep his distance from you no matter your experience. You may just not recognise his persistence in getting your attention, whether it's through a sunrise or a frosty tree. 

He is known and yet remains a mystery - it's one of his most engaging qualities!

(OK... This post is not really going in the direction I had planned - nonetheless, I will leave it, and write the post I was going for another time.)

Wishing you all a year filled with wonder at the multidimensionalness
of the Creator of the universe, and Lover of our souls.

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