Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How do we look? Me and You?

I was on one of my many forest walks before we went to Barcelona, and I found myself chatting to the Author as often happens, and I remember in the middle of my chattering suddenly saying to Him, "Show me how we look, me and you." I didn't give it much more thought and continued along. 

Today, as I was walking I saw, as I have seen many times before, a huge tree with ivy climbing up and around it. "This is how we look. You and Me." I heard Him say.

I actually stopped in my tracks. I hadn't expected an answer to my request really.... if I am honest.  

"Oh!? Who is who?!" I said (out loud.... yes, I did!)  
"I am the tree, and you are the ivy."  Was the answer. 

"But it makes more sense for me to be the tree," I argued.... "because you encircle me."
"Um no..... I am the tree and you are the ivy." I felt Him say. (I am sure he was laughing)  
"Explain this to me" I said.

As I continued to walk, this is what I felt Him say:

"I am your anchor, but while I support you, you also have strong roots that root you in your faith. There are times when you go around and around me in circles, be it with unanswered questions, doubts or disappointments, or winters when you feel I am quiet, and withholding all my beauty from you... that  is only how it feels.  However, what you may not realise is that you are still growing during these times, and I love it that no matter what, you always cling to me.  

I call you upward, I call you to grow (up) toward the Light.

This is how we look. Me and You. We are beautiful together in every season."

* * * * * * 


So, what do you think?