Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Boring Random Stuff Really.

Summer is here!

I cannot actually express in words my absolute joy at that statement. It felt as though it took an eternity getting here, but when it arrived it did so in style with a week of temperatures between 33 - 39 deg, which is unheard of here.  Even I, who like a lizard love the sun, began to think some rain would be a relief. Today will go to about 31 which, although hot, is still do-able!

I am going to just list a couple of things that are making my days right now (in no particular order):

Summer Evenings.... the best!
Summer: Late sunsets & outdoor concerts.  Last night I packed a picnic and met My Man in the city. Complete with fresh flowers from our garden, we found a picnic bench in the Petrusse Valley and enjoyed our supper and a shandy, under the shade of the Viaduct and green leafy trees. When we left around 19h30 the sun was still shining brightly and we stopped for an ice-cream in the square and wandered around like tourists on the way to the bus home.
Working in the garden: We have bought so many flowers and shrubs, been working hard to make the house, home... as well as the garden. Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much money on a house that is not ours, but we can't help it. If we want it to be home.... we can't just live in it, we have to make it ours.
Loving gardening and the fresh flowers

Our dogs:  Their presence here made our transition so much easier - especially mine! I hope that I am not the only one who speaks to their hounds and basically would not be surprised if they did answer! In fact, I am sure that I see in their eyes that they totally know what I am saying. They are a source of great companionship!

My Sacred Space
Learning French: We just signed up for the Autumn class and I can't wait to begin again. Not that I want summer to be over - but there is something to look forward to.

The forest: The forest has become my "sacred space" - it's where I feel most connected to The Author and where I feel my story unfold. It's where I hear him loudest and me least.

The Family WA Thread: A moment of genius and created by my brother that makes me feel not so far away!

Short hair: Am really enjoying the change!
Short for summer

Masterchef:  Yes, I know. But it has inspired me to try new dishes. I have made pork chops with apple and maple syrup, and duck with a plum jus, next is pork chops with pear and blue cheese! Who knew?

Reading: I have not had the chance to read "for pleasure" as opposed to "for study" for years. I have devoured books in the past two years and am loving being able to do so again. I am especially happy that I have so many nice places to go and read.
My Favourite Reading Spot and the book I am about to finish.

Scrabble: My Man surprised me and bought Scrabble in SA for me. It's wonderful sitting out on the balcony in the evening, having a glass of wine, snacks and a game. I really don't miss TV at all - it really guzzles one's time... unless of course you are watching........................cricket. ;-)
Cricket: Lots of cricket coming up - that's all I can say about that!
Gratitude: My Man and I have been talking about how privileged we feel and wondered how we would have felt if we hadn't take this opportunity. A normal reaction would be to think that at 53 you don't just pack up and start again in a new country - especially when it may not work, and you would have to come back to find a new job. Had we decided not to come, we would always have wondered "What if we had taken it?" Sometimes one just has to make the leap, and I am so glad we did. Although there is a price to pay that we are aware of daily, we do feel grateful for this opportunity which brings us so much joy.

Last, but actually first - is My Man, my partner-in-adventure. Thank you for being a great balance of practicality and risk-taker.  Always with us in our adventures (via Skype!) is Our Girl - our gift.
 Love you lots Chickenwing!

My Man and My Girl  -  They Rock My World!

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  1. I so enjoyed this post, Lis!
    Its certainly not boring; nor even random really.
    Its a fun read with some meditative moments . . .

    And yes! yay for the WA thread and the possibility of visits


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