Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Tribute to Winter

I was flipping through a lovely little book and came across this quote:

"Live in each season as it passes: Breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each". ~ Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Much like spiritual seasons, some being easier to deal with than others, we also deal with physical seasons. Being from Cape Town, I am used to 4 seasons in one day rather than 6 months of winter, and so I find sun and heat much easier to live with than grey and cold.

I thought it would be a battle for me in winter because of this - and aside for the odd "grey mood" that corresponds with same skies - I have found that I absolutely love the obviousness of the seasons here.

So we are almost through with winter - and for that last little push I have decided to list some of the things that I love about winter in Lux.  (In no particular order)
  1. Soups and Stews!
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Gluwein
  4. Christmas markets
  5. Dinners with friends 
  6. Fires
  7. Puzzles
  8. Reading with my blanket and hottie
  9. Scarves, boots and beanies
  10. Warm coats
  11. Thermal tights
  12. Heated car seats
  13. Cinema's
  14. Coffee shops
  15. The chilly air on your face when you leave your heated house
  16. Forests of frozen fog and other lovely forest things
  17. Long nights
  18. Wine (although I do like that all year round!)
  19. Snow
  20. Not having so much dog hair to sweep up
  21. Not having to shave every other day
  22. Blowing warm air out your mouth and trying to blow rings! :)
So, like the quote says... I am happily resigned to another month or two and then I shall embrace spring with much celebration!

Onward and upwards!  We're nearly there...  :)


  1. I love the quote...and I guess I must change my attitude towards winter. You mention some good reasons to enjoy it right there xx

    1. Hi Lynette! I did a little mental jotting of what I like and don't like about winter and the only things I could think of as cons was rain and no braai. So the good outweighed the bad. However, make no mistake I will still take summer every time! :)


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