Monday, October 21, 2013

A Bah Humbug Post

*Warning: A little rant ahead....

Perhaps it is like this everywhere, but since I have never gone in and out of the city on public transport, or walked around a city as often as I have here, I wouldn't know. Another thing has really struck me. Most people, and not only the younger generation, grip their cell phones and have their headphones in as though they relied on them as a personal life-giving charger.

When I see them on the bus, plugged in and hooked up, and on FB or watching a movie on their phone, I want to gently shake them and say, "Please, at the least, greet the person you're dumping yourself down next to, and wow, what if you actually tried to have a conversation with them?"

When I see friends walking down the road next to each other, phone in hand and earplugged in - I want to shout at them - TALK TO EACH OTHER!

Bah humbug - social media may be succeeding in making us anti-social in real life situations.


  1. Tell 'em!
    Tell 'em!
    Rant away . . .
    Just think -
    What a waste.
    They could have been talking to a friendly Saffer ;-)

    FF a decade or two: I wonder what life will look like then?

    1. Haha, ja, but even if they just talked to each other and not me, it would feel better!

  2. Agree...very disconnected...

  3. Yup, that is our new generation. Totally disconnected and living in their own world. I don't understand how we all got so caught up in this whole cyber world that a lot of people are unable to have relationships in real life.

    1. Just saw your comment here now, since I have just written another post along a similar theme. If we thought the "novelty would wear off", we were mistaken, there are just more platforms now to opt out of "real life meetings"... its too sad.


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