Monday, September 9, 2013

Picking up the Signals

A couple of things we've noticed between last week and today:
  • There were lots more people on the bus to work this morning, (and wearing coats),
  • The heaters were on in the bus,
  • From the morning bus ride, I noticed that some of the trees had lost all their leaves over the weekend,
  • The forest around us is not the overwhelming green anymore, but rather beginning to look a little more golden in patches,
  • The leaves in our garden are beginning to turn  from the greens to red and orange.

I don't think we are anywhere near the winter that I am half excited / half terrified about, but today I definitely felt the signalling in of autumn, and am definitely looking forward to the colours that will emerge in this most beautiful season!


  1. Its coming suddenly hey!
    Love Autumn leaves!! Its going to be amazing there with the whole foresty vibe around where you live.
    Lots of pics please . . .

    1. It is coming quickly - the temperature is dropping too but it's still bearable for us.

      Will post pics as autumn progresses.

  2. That makes me excited...because that means we will soon have summer.

    1. Lynette,

      From what I have heard some cities there are still as wintry as they were when I posted this- in some places worse!

      Hoping the sun is out for you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks cat!
      It is beautiful and am sure its going to be more so as the season progresses. :)

  4. I have to admit to Craving Summer at the moment! The weather here has been dreadful, though today the sun was up! And I was like a cat basking in it. Aai, how cold do your Winters get, do you know?

    1. I ALWAYS crave summer - I believe you have had the most unspringy weather with even snow again? So bizarre!

      I am not sure how cold - I have heard that at its coldest (not sure how long it lasts for) about -10.

      I get cold just thinking about that!


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