Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Possibly, Woe is Me?

Beware... this may come off as a "Woe is Me" post.
It probably is.

I am feeling sorry for myself. First off, we sold my car, and to put a stop to all the questions, here are the answers:
1. It was a petrol guzzler.
2. Yes, we will get another one.
3. I don't know when.
4. I don't know what make.
5. I don't know.

That, in itself doesn't make me feel sorry for myself, it's actually quite interesting realising how much one relies on their own transport, and I am thankful to family and friends for their offers to help, although, with the exception of my ride to school and home, I have not asked anyone to take me anywhere.

What I REALLY WANT to do, is haul that bicycle out of the garage and use that - because, I think this will solve the reason why I AM feeling sorry for myself.

The main reason I am feeling a bit miz, is that I had gotten so into going to gym, and it was going so well and I realised how much I enjoyed running again. I got to the place where the treadmill wasn't enough, and went back to the street.  Together with some friends and colleagues, we ran three times a week, and did a couple of races, but the BIG race that I really wanted to do was the one through the historic part of our city.

Long story short, ( a bit late for that now I think!), about 2 weeks before the race, the arch of my right foot became an issue and was really sore, affecting my knee as well. I bought new shoes, thinking that perhaps I needed something better. It didn't help, I stopped running in the hopes that it would be better by the race, but it wasn't. Then I slipped down my front step and twisted that same ankle. Not badly, I can walk on it OK, but if I turn my ankle in a specific way, its pretty sore.

I missed the race.
I was sad and just so disappointed.

I guess my frustration is just that I am not getting to run at all.

Which is why I need the bicycle.

I just need to get out there.

OK. That's all.
Sorry about the pity party.


  1. {{{hugs}}} say no more. I get it. hang in there. xxx

    1. Thanks Mel. I know you do get it! :)

  2. Sorry Lis
    as Billy would say "Winter is the time to go under the blanket" take advantage and get better for your next run when you are ready...lots of love xxx

    1. Sounds like great Winter advice!
      I'll do my best. :)

  3. God encircle you sister

  4. I hope it gets better soon and that you will get out there.

  5. So very frustrating, I hear you completely. But, give yourself a little patience, feel sorry for yourself, rest and heal, and Then Take back your power:-)

    1. I think perhaps I do need to be kinder to myself and not try to do anything to soon. So, thank you for the sound advice! :)


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