Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh! Christmas Tree

When I was in about Grade 5 we couldn't afford a Christmas tree. So my folks found a tree that was partly dead, sprayed it silver, and we hung our decorations on it. It's highly possible that at the time, I behaved like a spoilt brat and complained bitterly, but in my memory, it was the most beautiful tree I have, to this day, ever seen.

So much so, that I have never been happy with "traditional" trees. While "My Girl" was growing up, we had wire trees, sprayed trees, no tree, and a variety of ideas from me, until one day when she was in about Grade 7, she said to me "Mom, can't we just have a normal Christmas tree like everyone else?" - so from then on, we have pretty much done that.

A couple of years ago, was one of my most memorable Christmas's. My 'local' folks were overseas (of course we missed them!) and the siblings decided to get together and make our own fun! (while the cats away...  :-)  We each had to buy a present for under R30 and it had to be as kitch as possible.

On the night we got together, had supper and drew names. Depending on the name we drew, we got their kitch present. However, heres' the catch:- the deal was that you had to display the gift in your home in a prominent position for a year. I am not sure when I had last laughed as much as that night.

In fact, we laughed so much, that the tree got knocked over! It's a good memory and I will treasure it always. I had sprayed a tree silver for that night too...

The year the tree collapsed laughing
Subconsciously, I think that's why this year, I have gone back to my sprayed tree. Besides the fact that it remains my favourite.... Good memories are attached to it.

This year...
There is something else that is special about this tree. Do you remember this post? This same lady made us all a Christmas angel to hang on our tree as a gift. Some people are just a gift in themselves....

A special gift.
Of course, the real meaning behind the joy of Christmas is not in the tree.... but in the gift of love and grace  born on that day that changed the history of the universe forever.

Now THAT is a gift.

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  1. Love it. We also have weird and different Christmas trees in between the traditional one we have like every 5yrs or so. What a memory you have there.


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