Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's normal and home

We have been here almost 3 years!  Can you believe it!?

I was reminded of this today when, while pottering on my balcony checking on my plants, I looked up and saw my neighbour on his, having a mid-morning smoke. I yelled "Hey, howzit!" and we chatted for a few minutes, back and forth about gardens and long grass and goats... the usual stuff, until I eventually said "Cheers, probably see you later," and we both carried on doing what we were doing.

The truth is, we probably will see him later, down the road, at the pub!  He, like us, tends to waft down for a quick beer at the end of a long day, and we have, on occasion sat together down there and shot the breeze with something long and cold.

I know this probably all sounds so normal to you, and had we been in SA this activity would not have merited an entire blogpost - but it reminded me of  a post I wrote 4 months after we arrived.

I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in Luxemboug.   I love this village.
This is home for now.

Thank God for it!

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