Monday, September 28, 2015

Cool Runnings

The last couple of months have been a blur. It's been just over a month since my brother-in-law passed away.

He was passionate about anything that gripped him whether it was his family, greening the environment, his faith or healthy living. We didn't always agree on everything - I think I gave him a grey hair or two with how much Oros we could consume, but nonetheless I always admired his passion.

Lots of people are going to miss him for a variety of reasons. As for me, one thing I know for certain that I will miss, are our conversations around faith. We'd spend many hours talking about spiritual things, not necessarily theology, but living it. I felt safe chatting to him about my thoughts around spiritual issues, no matter how unconventional they may sometimes have been, and I would like to think he felt the same about chatting to me about such things too.

Now he really is living. Spiritually alive and whole. 

For those still here, it's so tough: but he left us with the certainty of the "true-ness" of what is yet to come.  For that, I thank him.

Peace be the journey.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nothing more to add

This is how I feel right now.

Instead of spewing aimlessly into the universe, I shall just decide how best to say nothing until I formulate something meaningful.

Until then... remember this:

May the grace and love of Christ follow you relentlessly and capture your heart.
Peace be the journey...