Monday, August 25, 2014

Lost in Translation...

I have been visiting the same Bakery/Coffee Shop almost every weekday morning for about 8 months. Slowly but surely the waiters and waitresses are "Bonjour-ing" me as I arrive and it's starting to feel like my beach office.

I wanted to share the funny thing that happened last week.

I walked into the place, and as I walk passed the waitress, heading to my usual table, she says "Bonjour Madame! Cuppucino et escargot?"  I reply "Oui, oui, merci! Ce va?"  She says "Oui, ce va!!"

I go and sit down, take out my book and wait for 'my usual' .... she brings it to me and as she is walking away, she turns around as says "Enjoy your meal", (with a lovely French accent).

I sat there thinking, "What did she say? What does that mean?"  About 10 seconds later, as she was about to go out of the room, I suddenly realised!

I called out after her - "Hey! You spoke English to me!"  She came back and I told her I was trying so hard to "hear to interpret French" that I didn't even realise it was English for a few moments.  She said to me that my French is good, so she tried some English.  Of course, this is VERY funny - I told her that actually, all I can really say in French, is what I say to her each day... as well as Bonn journee, s'il vous plait, and au revoir. Oh! I that I can also ask for bags at the shop....but that I hoped to rectify that with some upcoming French classes.

We agreed that in future, she will practice her English with me and I, French with her.

Sounds good to me.
* * * 


  1. In a few months you'll be fluent!

    1. Maybe a leeetle longer than a few months! :)

  2. That's so nice!!
    PS: I thought she offered you coffee and snails.
    Isnt that what escargot is?

    1. It is - but in this case, it's like a rolled (as in like a swiss roll) but with raisins and like a glaze...Very nice! Will put a pic on FB! :)

  3. Great idea to go regularly to the same place :-)


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